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Speech-Language Therapy

Developing communication skills is one of the most important keys to participation in our social world. To achieve each child’s goal of  becoming successful communicators, a program specific to his/her needs is tailored to any or all of the following areas:

· Expressive/Receptive Language Skills

· Articulation Skills

· Apraxia

· Social Skills

· Oral Motor Skills

· Disorders of voice

· Stuttering/Fluency

· Autism Spectrum Disorders

· Developmental Speech Delay

· Feeding/Swallowing Disorders


With children who display no functional or socially

accepted speech, the therapist will incorporate the PEC,

Picture Exchange Communication, System as part of the program.  And a child that is mainly echolalic will also be introduced to PECs.


Pediatric Rehab also implements Therapeutic Listening for those children who may benefit from the program.




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