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Interactive Metronome® (IM)

What is IM?

The Interactive Metronome is a therapeutic assessment and training program that improves attention, concentration, motor planning and sequencing.  Improvement in those areas result in stronger motor control and coordination, enhanced balance and gait, and improved language and cognition.

How Does IM Work?

IM provides a structured, goal-oriented program that challenges the patient to synchronize a range of whole body exercises to a precise computer-generated beat.  The patient attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor movements.  IM’s game-like features engage the patient with auditory and visual guidance and provide real-time feedback whil encouraging him/her to improve their scores.

What Are The Benefits?

IM integrated sight, sound and physical movements to improve:

· Working Memory—ability to store information and ideas

· Attention—ability to focus on information tasks and ignore distractions

· Processing—rate at which your child is able to accurately perceive and manipulate information

· Sequencing—placing of detailed information in its accustomed order

· Motor Coordination—combination of purposeful body movements working together

Who Can Benefit?

Children with motor and sensory disorders, learning deficits, speech and language delays, and various cognitive and physical difficulties can benefit from IM.

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· Dyslexia

· Stuttering

· Aspergers

· Autism



· CP

Information was copied from the Interactive Metronome For Pediatrics Brochure.  Refer to www.InteractiveMetronome.com for more information

Therapeutic Listening1


“Therapeutic Listening is an evidence-based auditory intervention intended to support individuals

who experience challenges with sensory processing dysfunction, listening, attention, and communication.”



Therapeutic Listening may benefit a wide variety of individuals of various ages who might exhibit:

· poor attention

· difficulties interacting with peers and limited play skills

· challenges with transitions or changes in routine 

· difficulty communicating (both verbal and non-verbal) 

· struggles with sleep, bowel and bladder control, and eating

· trouble following directions

· challenges perceiving and navigating space

· poor timing and sequencing of motor skills

· difficulties with irritability, mood

· difficulties with regulating their energy level (i.e. too low arousal or hyperactive)

· postural insecurity (fear of heights, playing on playground equipment)

· abnormal responses to various sensory stimuli (sounds, touch, taste, pain)

· poor praxis and motor planning: coming up with an idea, planning, and completing the task

· difficulty responding to sounds and verbal directions


This is not a comprehensive list of individuals who could benefit from Therapeutic Listening.  For more information go to www.vitallinks.net 

1. www.VitalLinks.net


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