Milestone Charts

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This chart should only be used as a guide to your child’s development. Each child will master the levels at different times. If you are concerned that your child may have some development delay, discuss with your child’s doctor.

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Child’s Age

Mastered Skills

(most kids can do)

0—3 months

· Lifts head when lying on tummy

· Stares at faces

·    Responds to sound

· Vocalizes: gurgles & coos

· Follows objects across field of vision

· Notices his hands

· Hold head steady

· Recognizes your face and scent

· Visually tracks moving objects



· Smiles and laughs

· Can bear weight on legs

· Coos when you talk to him

· Distinguishes between bold colors

· Plays with his hands and feet

· Turns toward sounds and voices

· Imitates sounds

· Rolls over in both directions

· Mouths fingers

· Refuses food when full

· Begins to hold bottle

· Raises arms to be held



· Sits without support

· Drags objects toward himself

· Says “mama” and “dada” to both parents (not specific)

· Passes objects from hand to hand

· Stands while holding onto something

· Jabbers or combines syllables

· Rolls from back to stomach

· Holds a cookie or cracker/finger feeds self

· Imitates sounds like tongue clicks, kisses, cough



· Says “mama” and “dada” to the correct parent

· Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo

· Imitates others’ activities

· Indicates wants with gestures

· Takes objects in and out of containers

· Responds to simple requests

· Rolls balls, picks up crayon, marks paper

· Crawls well

· Can get to standing from sitting position

Child’s Age

Mastered Skills 

  (most kids can do)



· Uses 2 words skillfully   (hi, bye, etc)

· Bends over and picks up objects

· Eats with fingers

· Empties containers of contents

· Imitates others

· Pushes self on riding toy

· Climbs on chair

· Plays with ball

· Walks unassisted

· (12 mos) Uses 1-2 words

· (18 mos) Uses 12-20 words

19-24 months

· Uses fork and spoon

· Runs well

· Takes off own clothes

· Can walk up stairs

· Kicks ball forward

· Names simple picture in books

· Follows two-step requests (Get your car and bring it here)

· Uses 50 to 70 words

· Half of speech is understandable

· Makes two– to three-word sentences

· Can point to three body parts when asked

25-30 months

· Stacks six blocks

· Walks with smooth heel-to-toe motion

· Jumps with both feet

· Opens doors

· Brushes teeth with help

· Washes and dries own hands

· Draws a vertical line

31-36 months

· Pedals a tricycle

· Likes to name things

· Can dress self with help

· Can wash and dry hands

· Likes to name things

· Repeats simple rhymes or songs

· Begins to ask where, what and when questions

· Notices lots of sounds